How to Level the Bottom for the Pool Without Digging (Easy Ways) (2023)

How to Level the Bottom for the Pool Without Digging (Easy Ways) (1)

An above ground pool is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool without the associated costs that can often be prohibitive. When installing an above ground pool, it is extremely important to ensure thisthe floor is levelbefore filling the pool with water. There are numerous ways this can be done without much excavation.

There are numerous ways to level the ground without digging to ensure your new pool can stand on level ground. This includes using sand, a concrete slab, solid foam, crushed stone, a rolling tamper, or cobblestones. Which of these methods to use depends on several factors.

It is relatively easy to level the bottom for a pool without digging and this article will explain numerous ways this can be accomplished while also explaining the reasons for leveling the bottom in the first place.

Why is it important to make sure the floor is level?

It isextremelyIt is important to ensure the ground is level before installing a pool. That's because ofsecurity concernsfor the users of the pool, as well as concerns for thepelvic integrityself.

A pool on uneven ground, even if only a few inches from end to end, will cause adiscrepancies in water levels.

Uneven depthsbe present which not only causes problems with the structure of the pool but could pose potential problems for users where depth is an issue.

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For example youngChildren could be potentially at riskby a large change in water depth. This difference in depth also affects the aesthetic aspect of the pool, where an uneven pool can simply be aesthetically displeasing.

Uneven ground can possibly cause thisbig problems with the pool walls. This is because uneven water distribution in the pool causes a pressure differential on different areas of the pool walls.

NOTE:Thediscrepancy in pressure levelscan put unnecessary stress on the pool walls and possibly cause the pool walls to burst open. This sudden release of pressure could injure people standing near the pool as well as users who are in the pool at the time.

Another potentially damaging factor would be the presence of rocks, stones or other features in the ground that would cause it to become uneven. The presence of such features under the pool can easily lead to thistearing of the pool liner.

These damaged liners would result in a broken and unusable pool so it is important that you avoid this as much as possible.

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Steps before leveling

There are several steps that should be taken before beginning your leveling project. These ensure the success of the leveling and thus the subsequent success of the swimming pool project itself.

1. Find the right location

Due to the difficulty of moving a water filled pool, it is important that the correct location is found before placing the pool.

Theflatterthe surface chosen the better as this will ensure the least amount of labor required to create a completely flat surface for the pool.

2. Clean the selected location

The chosen location must beclear of any debris and obstructions. This includes grass, plants, rocks, etc. The ground on which the pool is to be set up must be completely barren and flat.

TOP:Grass must be removed, the easiest way to do this is to lay a tarp over the area. This will kill the grass, which in turn will make the area easier to clean.

3. Inspect the selected area

The surface must be inspected for any unevenness. There is a technology that allows you to determine the uneven areas. however, this can also be done with the naked eye.

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4. Test the area

Testing the area can be done simply by using a board and placing it on the surface to see where the ground is uneven. Bases can be built up to ensure a level surface.

5. Correct levels

Any unevenness must be corrected before proceeding. This includes moving piles of mud, sand, rocks or stones. Any tree stumps in the area should also be removed to ensure a level surface.

Best solutions for leveling

There are numerous solutions to level the bottom of your above ground pool. Some of the best methods are as follows:


The use of sand isone of the cheapest optionsto level the ground without digging, and it is much easier to level the sand than to level the ground yourself.

How to Level the Bottom for the Pool Without Digging (Easy Ways) (2)

However, sand can bewashed away or dissolved, which means it's often unreliable for leveling.

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concrete slab

Concrete enables asmooth flat surfacewith a rough enough texture to ensure the cymbal stays in place when full.

This rough surface can causepossible cracks in the wall surface of the pool, so it is common practice to add an extra layer between the concrete and the pool.

Firm foam

Foam can be used between the pool and the concrete, but it can also be used to level the floor. Firm foam can be placed directly over the grass to create a level surface on which to place a pool.

This foam, usually made of polyurethane or polystyrene, is usually madeexpensive, which may be prohibitive for some.


Gravel is a better alternative to sand, but it has to becorrectcrimped to ensure there are no jagged edges that could potentially tear the pool's skin.

Roleender Tamper

A rolling tamper can help level the ground to some degree without the need for digging. This only works if the surface is already quite flat from the start.

(Video) Don't attempt BASE PREP until you see this video! Base Prep basics to make your project last.


Paving stones can be used as leveling blocks to create a smooth, firm and level surface on which to place your above ground pool.

How to level the floor

  1. Screw 2 2" x 4" boards togetherside by side and make sure the length is 2' longer than the overall diameter of the pool.
  2. Put down the boardson the chosen surface and place a spirit level on it. Align the planks until they are level and measure the distance from the bottom of the planks to the floor below.
  3. Drill a hole through the center of the plankand attach a metal rod through the hole to attach the boards to the ground. Pour sand onto the bottom of the selected region, then rotate the boards until the sand is level.
  4. Moisten the sand and tamp it downuntil it is hard and compact.
  5. Drive a metal polein the middle of the proposed pool.
  6. Attach a piece of string(6 inches longer than the radius of the pool) and tie it to the stake. Attach a can of spray paint to the end of the string and mark the ground at the location at the end of the string. Remove all obstacles (including grass) from the area inside your drawn circle.
  7. Create a wood plank layerB. by using a 1" x 6" board that is also 6" longer than the radius of the pool. Tape a spirit level to the narrow edge of the board and hammer a 4" wooden stake flush in place of the metal stake with the ground in. Drive a nail through the plank and attach it to the stake so the whole thing can rotate around the pool area.
  8. Slowly swing the plank around the pool area, level the floor. Continue doing this until the board can rotate 360 ​​degrees without stopping.
  9. Finally, apply a layer of finely crushed limestoneover the newly leveled area and finish by wetting, tamping and leveling with the plank. Continue adding soil and limestone until the area is flat, compact, and completely level.


By using the above methods, you can rest assured that your pool will have a flat, level surface that will serve its purpose for years to come.Don't compromise on the preparation and you will be safea good result.


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