Is San Francisco safe? Unsafe neighborhoods and dangerous areas (2023)

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I am often asked this question:Is San Francisco dangerous?On the one hand it would be wrong to say that it is 100% safe, but on the other hand I would like to say that it is not necessaryoverly alarmed, because if you stay in the tourist areas, you shouldn't have any problems, especially during the day.


  • Is San Francisco safe?
  • The most dangerous neighborhoods in San Francisco
    • Filet
    • Mission
    • SoMa
    • Golden Gate Park
  • Dangerous areas in south San Francisco
  • Parts of San Francisco to Avoid: Map
  • So, um... where to stay in San Francisco?

Is San Francisco safe?

I can use my personal experience as an example: I have walked through the most interesting neighborhoods in the city and I have always felt completely safe. You'll see lots of homeless people and "eccentrics" (even San Francisco residents say their city is full of weirdos!), but most aren't violent. I can't say I've ever felt in any danger, and many other people I've spoken to have said the same thing. There must be a reason 95% of people coming back from San Francisco (including me) are talking about itunforgettable city!

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Clearly thereputation to be dangerousis not just a legend or a rumor. The fact that someDistricts of San Franciscoare not sure is confirmed by statistical studies, numerous news reports and a significant amount of evidence from tourists and locals. Therefore, continue reading the comments on our articleWhere to stay in San Francisco, it makes sense that a high percentage of your questions relate to theNeighborhood safety and where you found accommodations.

In addition, ask for adviceWhere not to stay in San Francisco, people often give us a specific address (e.g., “I found a hotel at the intersection of Bush St and Larkin St: is it a safe area? Help!”) in hopes that we can confirm if it is Hotel or not selected is possible in the safest area.

It is true that hotels and accommodations in San Franciscoare among the most expensive in the United States. Continue searchingBooking.comor similar sites, you could easily be put off by the prices of hotels in the best areas, so you would understandably seek cheaper solutions in the suburbs. Of course, prices are lower the further away you go from the city, but at what price? Is the area you have chosen safe during the day and night? This concern is not only relevant if you are looking for a place to stay in San Francisco. Let's say you've found a restaurant or attraction in a neighborhood you don't know well. Are you sure it's a good idea to go there alone late at night?

homeless situation

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The insecurity or dangerousness of a neighborhood is often linked to personal perception. You may have onebad Feelingabout a particular place, although there may not be any obvious reason to fear anything. The sense of insecurity in San Francisco is compounded by social issues that sometimes affect the homeless. You may have to witness violent fights between homeless people (our intrepidLorenzoA brawl broke up in broad daylightferry building), drug deals during the day, not to mention thevery low hygiene standards in certain streets.

AccordinglyThe statistics, in 2019 there was8.011 homeless People in San Francisco. The numbers have increased compared to 2017 (when it appeared they had decreased compared to previous years) and the problem still persists. Unfortunately, many people still live without a roof over their heads, with all the social decline and the associated human discomfort.

For all these reasons we thought we'd take a look at theneighborhoods of San Francisco to avoidbased on the level of danger and crime such as theft, drug dealing or, even worse, shootings and murders.

The most dangerous neighborhoods in San Francisco


Have you seen Muccino's film?The pursuit of happiness? Homeless before he became a successful entrepreneurChris Gardner(Will Smith) lived with his son inFiletand earned his living as a salesman. This is not just a fictional place created byHollywood.Filet,especially south of the Civic Center, is known as the most notorious neighborhood downtown.

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Because Tenderloin is close to busy squares and neighborhoods such asUnion Square,Nob hill, or Market Street, you can pass this briefly. Some areas of this quarter are being urbanistically renovated (gentrification). Still, I advise you to avoid it at all costs if you don't want to take unnecessary risks. The most dangerous areas are around Turk Street, Olive Street, and Taylor Street, but locals generally advise you not to wander too far in the area south of California Avenue.


Missionis theLatino district of San Francisco. There are some sights that might make you want to visit this neighborhood such as:famous muralsdepicting scenes and images that are mostly relatedMexican culture, which is very present here. If you want to stay in Mission I suggest you find accommodation on thewest side, in the directionCastro. The further east you go into the Mission District, the more unsafe it gets.

The areas north of the neighborhood towards SoMa are also unsafe. You must be very carefulValencia Street and Guerrero Street. While it is true that there are some very beautiful murals that would be worth seeing, perhaps in the middle of the day, it is also true that this area is riddled with crime, theft and robberies. You absolutely shouldAvoid this area after 9pm.


market streetis a long street that cuts through the heart of San Francisco and runs from Embarcadero to Castro. It is very likely that you will pass it, especially if like me you arrive from the airport at Powell Street Station. It's literalEinstein Litter from Union Square, right where downtown San Francisco begins. There arecable carstops at 5th Street and Powell Street, which are always lively and crowded. It seems that this area is quite safe.

However,south of Market StreetThere is an old industrial area, but despite well-intentioned attempts to rebuild the area, it remains quite dangerous. We advise you to be extra cautious on the roads heading southSection between the 4th and 10th. The streets from 4th to the Embarcadero are safer, but I would recommend thatAvoid the rest of SoMa.

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Golden Gate Park

Although Golden Gate Park can be a very fascinating place to visit during the day, it is unsafe to visit at night. If you read our article dedicated to thatGolden Gate ParkYou will know that there are many spectacular onesSights in this parkduring the day. However, my advice is toDon't walk through the park at night, because under cover of darkness, the paths and gardens become the “home” of many homeless people and the ideal place to sell or rob couples when no one else is around.

Dangerous areas in south San Francisco

I try to be brief. You should definitely not look for accommodation or venture carelessly into the suburbssouth of San Francisco. Although I've never been to these neighborhoods (there's no reason to go there), the stats speak for themselves. Crime rates are very high in these neighborhoods: Bayview, Hunters Point, Outer Mission, Western Addition, Crocker-Amazon, Excelsior, Visitacion Valley, Oceanview.

Parts of San Francisco to Avoid: Map

So, um... where to stay in San Francisco?

So if you should avoid these areas when staying in and visiting San Francisco, what are the recommended neighborhoods in San Francisco to look for a hotel in? To answer this question, we published an article with our recommendations.

Tips for where to stay in San Francisco

Warning: Hours of operation are subject to change and there may be closures due to exceptional events, so we strongly recommend checking the venues' official websites.

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