The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (2023)

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (1)

Crime rates in US cities are rising daily, keeping law enforcement on their toes around the clock. From murder, rape, kidnapping, child abuse, burglary and armed robbery to assault, crime is still rampant across the country. So why should you be wary of unsafe cities?

Two reasons: First, you want to be in a place where you can comfortably walk the streets without looking over your shoulder or worrying if the person living next to you is an unsuspected criminal and you a more approachable lure could be. Second, you want to associate the high crime rate with the current residents.

Could they engage in crimes because of a failed economy, poor housing, or a corrupt judicial system; So that's how they know they can get away with crime? Could it be their way of life, and many cases go unreported?

Here we have listed the 20 mostdangerous citiesin the US from 2023.

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What Are The 20 Most Dangerous Cities In America In 2023?

Laut World Population Review, law enforcement agencies registered 369 out of 100,000 violent crime reports in 2018. While this may be the lowest number police have ever reported, crime is still rife in most US cities. The 20 most dangerous cities in America are ranked here.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (2)

20. Kansas City, Missouri: The city with a city jail

if you thoughtKansas City, MO, was a safe place to live, consider reassessing your facts and having different views. The city has the fifth highest homicide rate per capita in the nation, and most of these incidents go unreported.

Did you know there is no city jail in Kansas? You heard that right. The city signed a contract with Jackson County for 161 inmates through January 2020. After the contract expired, Kansas lacked the funds for the new contract. That's why you're seeing an increase in violent crime.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (3)

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19. Camden, New Jersey: The city of low economic status in the United States

In Camden, you're likely to be mugged or shot for as little as $5. The city was known for being a working-class neighborhood with street markets and pubs open up to gangs at ungodly hours, andDrug dealerstarted pushing it. Unsurprisingly, it has a violent crime rate of 16.5 per 1,000 residents.

So if you live, study or vacation there, your chance of being a victim of a violent crime in this city is one in 61. Not to scare anyone, but you are better off avoiding strangers or finding yourself in precarious situations, that can cost your life.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (4)

18. Pine Bluff, Arkansas: "Miserable" town

From allCities in Arkansas, Pine Bluff is the most miserable because people with money leave for other states because of high crime rates. So if they leave, there will be a population decline. City Mayor Shirley Washington reported that Pine Bluff is the most dangerous metro area and the fourth most dangerous in the country. That means there were 1,098 violent crime cases for every 100,000 people.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (5)

17. Jackson, Mississippi: One of the cities with the highest rates of violent crime in the United States

The capital of Mississippi, Jackson, has 164,422 residents. However, not everyone who lives there is a law-abiding citizen. The city's crime rate continues to rise at five homicides per 100,000, four times the national average.

Other violent crimes include 43 rapes per 100,000 and 86 robberies per 100,000. Property crime rates such as auto theft, burglary, and arson are also high, so you should consider all of these factors before moving there.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (6)

16. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Don't talk to a stranger in a remote place

From muggings and burglaries to other violent crimes,Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one of the unsafe cities in Wisconsin. Wisconsin's largest city attracts people of all calibers and socioeconomic statuses. With a crime rate of 1,332 incidents per 100,000 people, experts advise walking the street with a friend rather than alone. So if you need to talk to a stranger, make sure it's in a public place so as not to serve as bait for criminals.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (7)

15. Saginaw, Michigan: The second most dangerous city in Michigan

If you live in Saginaw, Michigan, you have a 50 percent chance of being a victim of a violent crime.According to US News and World News, it is the second most dangerous city in Michigan with 795 incidents per 100,000 people.

The high crime rate prompted the city government to invest $250,000 in high-resolution cameras. They use these devices to monitor and identify suspected violent criminals.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (8)

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14. Stockton, California: Popularly known for high property crime rates

Stocktonis one of the best places to find a good school and real estate to invest in in California. However, it also has high unemployment, which has consequences.

Studies suggest it attracts 1,500 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. So your chance of being a crime victim in this city is 1 in 19. The city is known for vehicle theft, property crime and other violent crimes.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (9)

13. Springfield, Missouri: Ranked fifth in highest rape cases

In 2019, Springfield had 356 rape reports. Your home is 300% more likely to be broken into if there is no alarm system. Experts estimate the city's violent crime rate is 1,519 per 100,000 every 46 minutes. You can blame the gang members who deal in meth and cocaine for the violent crimes.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (10)

12. Little Rock, Arkansas: Known for property crime and racism

Do you have a relative who attracts trouble? If so, they wish they had never set foot in itLittle Rock, Arkansas. But if they are law-abiding citizens, they are unlikely to get into trouble. In short, LR has a high grievous bodily harm rate as it is almost five times the national rate.

The police are nothing more than "clean-ups," leaving cases unsolved at will. Using high-tech security systems makes you more confident when it comes to keeping your car and home safe. Also, the residents are racists, but they will not physically attack you unless you provoke them.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (11)

11. Memphis, Tennessee: The second highest homicide rate of any US metropolitan area

Memphis, TN, is one of those cities you might not want to set foot in if you value your life.Laut CBC News, more than 190 homicides were committed in 2019 and the overall crime rate was 1,901 per 100,000 population.

The gruesome crimes are associated with gang wars and drug wars because there are more than 100 gangs in this city. Places to avoid are Raleigh, Downtown, Spawn, Orange Mound, Parkway Village, Binghamton, and Hollywood.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (12)

10. Alexandria, Louisiana: The highest property crime rate in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the states with the highest rates of property crime, and Alexandria is primarily to blame. Out of every 100,000 residents, 8,410 are believed to be involved in property and other violent crimes. The city has a population of 47,238, but not everyone is a saint.

That means one in 68 people has a chance of being raped or killed. So if you live, work or vacation in Alexandria, pray to God that nothing happens to you. Also, report any suspicious behavior to the police.

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The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (13)

9. Albuquerque, New Mexico: The highest number of auto thefts in the United States

The largest city in New Mexico isAlbuquerque, and it has a lot to offer in terms of natural attractions, rich history and hot air balloon fiestas. Of course, you definitely want to be there to experience all of this. But before you do that, remember that out of 75 people you could be the victim of a crime.

Before you stop your car for any reason, make sure you secure it with an anti-theft device. Most tourists are bait for these criminals, so avoid crowded areas and keep your valuables safe.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (14)

8. Albany, Georgia: Among the cities with the highest homicide rates in the US

In Albany, Georgia, there is probably one victim for every 56 people. Out of 1,000 inhabitants, 17 are criminals and the trend is rising. Experts argue that the COVID-19 pandemic may have exacerbated high crime rates as most businesses have shut down and businesses have had to downsize.

Remember George Floyd, an African American man who was murdered by a police officer in bright public light? Many people were unsettled by this, which led to nationwide protests. As a result, many people began buying firearms for protection, leading to high homicide rates. The city is not safe for anyone, whether you are a police officer or an ordinary businessman.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (15)

7. Baltimore, Maryland: The seventh most unsafe subway area to live in

The US News & World Report ranksBaltimore, Maryland, as the seventh most dangerous metro area out of 150, making it one of the most unsafe places in this city laden with poverty, drug and gang-ridden neighborhoods. Fells Point, Mount Vernon, Inner Harbor and Federal Hill are the only safe areas.

Consequently, May 2020 marked the beginning of reforms to the Baltimore Police Department. The Police Department has significantly upgraded its new record management systems and introduced a full digital reporting environment.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (16)

6. South Bend, Indiana: One of the most unsafe subway areas in the US

If you live in South Bend, Indiana, it is in your best interest to pray that no one attacks, murders, or steals from you. The city is the most dangerous metro area in Indiana. As of 2020, the police reported more than 2,121 violent crimes. This means that for every 100,000 people there were 655 criminals.

One out of 59 people was more likely to be a victim of murder, assault or other violent crime. Most criminals commit crimes with knives, guns, and other murderous weapons to scare or harm innocent people.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (17)

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5. Wilmington, Delaware: „Mordstadt, USA.“

Wilmington, DE is known as one of the best places to live due to the low cost of living. However, with devastating consequences. Jay Z, aka Sean Carter, once rapped that he's from "murder capital, where we kill for capital."

While he may not have mentioned Wilmington directly, he might as well have suggested it. 16.5 in 1,000 residents commit violent crimes, and one in 60 is more likely to become a victim. Even on the outskirts of town, where you may feel safe, you have a high chance of being a victim of property crime.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (18)

4. Cleveland, Ohio: One of America's most miserable cities

Cleveland, Ohio, ranks third among America's most miserable cities, making it an unsafe place to live. This city attracts all kinds of violent crimes due to high unemployment, unfavorable weather, high taxes and corrupt officials. It is reported that 1,517 out of every 100,000 residents commit violent crimes every day.

One in 59 people are more likely to be a victim of violent crime. If you live, study, vacation or work there, keep your fingers crossed and hope not to become a victim.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (19)

3. Detroit, Michigan: Law enforcement agencies are rarely available for emergencies

Of all cities in the US, Detroit, Michigan has been hit the hardest when it comes to 911 services and police availability. The police are barely sufficient to protect citizens, although they have more than the average number of police officers for the population.Forbes Sea, 22.6 out of 1,000 residents commit crimes, and one in 44 has a chance of becoming a victim. If you live there, watch your back.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (20)

2. St. Louis, Missouri: 64,9 Mordraten pro 100.000

The second most unsafe city in the US isSt. Louis, MO. In 2017, the city's homicide rate was 64.9 per 100,000, with 205 people murdered in cold blood. East St. Louis is notorious for such cases. The city's per capita crime cost is $11,574 compared to $611 in Virginia Beach.

Maybe that's why there are low earners in this area who can't send their children to better schools. People this side of St. Louis don't have better housing, making them vulnerable to rapists, burglars, and murderers.

The 20 Most Dangerous Cities in America (21)

1. Monroe, Louisiana: America's most violent city

If you live or intend to live in Monroe, better set up your home and office security alarm system so you don't become a victim of violent crime.According to the neighborhood scout, Monroe, LA ranked number one for most crime-related city in 2022. According to reports, one in every 34 residents or visitors to the city has been a victim of violent crime.

That's a 66% increase from 2021, and even as law enforcement seeks to arrest, charge, and convict perpetrators, the number continues to rise. Will the trend change in the years to come? We'll never know, as time will tell.

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