TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (2023)

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (1)

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Ever since Webtoon's release, fans have been dying to get the anime adaptation of Noblesse. It is one of the first manhwas to receive an anime version. Sounds crazy right? While the manhwa is finished, Noblesse's adaptation did not disappoint. We've seen some of the most interesting and strongest characters.

So this blog post is all about themTOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters. From its powerful story to exquisite animation, many fans have loved Noblesse. On the other hand, its manhwa adaptation is popular for bringing the most diverse and unique characters. Our 25+ Noblesse characters also include Manhwa characters. In order to,Spoiler Alarm, there, I said it.

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A short summary of the story

The story followsCádiz Etrama Di Raizel,aka Raizel or Rai who has been sleeping for 820 years. In this era of technology, he wakes up in SOUTH KOREA! However, he immediately meets his former servantFrankenstein. Since Frankenstein is long alive, he teaches Rai everything about the modern world.

Just going into the story a bit, we see that Raizel is also known as "the nobility” in other words, an immortal race that lived to protect the weak.

History aside, we have a wealth of strong guys to look forward to. Plus, the story never disappoints. Here are the10+ strongest Noblesse characterswith HQ images.HAVE FUN!!!

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table of contents

12. Gaitan - The warrior of the Warewolves

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (2)

The badass werewolf warrior was introduced in chapter 339 of the manhwa series. His main task was to summon Lord Maduke who was the lord of all werewolves. However, Gaitan himself was certainly one hell of a badass wolf. With that muscular physique, not only is he powerful, but his speed is on a whole other level.

Gaitan is a merciless monster who has fought KSA agents while using his overpowered abilities. After changing his body physically, this bad boy became even stronger.


Gaitan's main abilities lie in his wolf form. Once he transforms into his werewolf form, you can't stop him from raging. But on the other hand, he is less talkative and very careful about his actions. Pretty deadly mix, right?

Gaitan has amazing physical abilities, impressive resilience, and the instincts of a beast, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time.

11. Gayare - The badass werewolf

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (3)

Another werewolf on the list, Gayare served directly to Maduke. No matter how you look at it, this guy is one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time. And why is that? So let's go.

Gayare looks more like a monk and has a mustache with white eyes. His demeanor is enough to show what a beast he can be. He serves Maduke, he has extraordinary faith in him, he never ceases to amaze us. On the other hand, Gayare also has a deep hatred for people. Well, I can't complain here.

He thinks humans are destructive and full of greed. Even while fighting M-21, he looked down on him because M-21 is human.

But the hypocrisy was on a whole other level. Let me briefly explain why?


Thinking he had an improvement cap, Gayare readily accepted the tests. First he easily beat M-21 and then Kentas. But after the modification, he got a huge boost in physical ability and speed. On the other hand, Gayare's aura is something that rivals that of a clan leader.

When it comes to manipulation, Gayare is very skilled. In the manhwa, he was seen firing a powerful beam at M-21, leaving him nearly dead!

10.Dr. Aris - The Kawaii Scientist (Maybe!)

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (4)

If you've been waiting for a cutie, Dr. Aris here to fulfill your desires. But only in the form of experiments! dr Aris was the mastermind behind the DA-5 experiment. Of course, DA also stands for Dr. Aris. She is also a union scientist and a modified human, making her one of the most powerful Noblesse characters to date.

With that beautiful face and cute body, Dr. Aris behind all the human modifications. Don't confuse them with cuteness though! At first everyone thought that she was a normal girl. But she's twisted to the core. Her adventurous personality is uncanny! "Awful“ is probably the ideal world for Dr. Aris.


dr Aris has a few skills that never fail to disappoint us. The nano suit covering her body is enough to give her enough destructive powers. On the other hand, Dr. Aris can also absorb the lives of modified humans, making her one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time.

By consuming "D" she can increase her current abilities by up to 200%, making her not only a great scientist but also a wonderful fighter.

9. Yuri - The badass modified human

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (5)

One of the coolest assassins you will ever see is Yuri. He's worked his ass off, but at the same time he serves Dr. Crombel. For those of you who have read the Manhwa, Crombel's cadre is excellent.

First he was employed as an assistant to Dr. Aris shown. As an assistant, he did his job in the most exquisite way. He cared about any affair that would hurt or change DA-5, making him one of the most honest workers of all time.

But at some point in the manhwa his true intentions were revealed. As a pawn by Dr. Crombel, he just manipulated everyone. Yuri is one of those anime characters that has a habit of correcting their glasses. COMPLETELY SUSPECT!


Aura and gas manipulation are his most brutal yet powerful powers. Through his sheer aura, he can emit beams that can effortlessly destroy huge buildings and mountains. Sounds scary right?

However, the gas is used to manipulate people, and Yuri did an excellent job of fooling everyone. This is for sure though, if Yuri is serious, he is one of the strongest Noblesse characters in the series.

8. Tao - An absolute genius

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (6)

For all Tao fans, we will not disappoint you. Tao is a fairly capable ex-member of the DA-5 whose not only physical strength but his true strength is his ability to think. He is currently working under Raizel and Frankenstein. Not quite like he worked with DA-5 where it was all about pressure, he's on the right track.

At some point in the anime, he formed his own group with Takeo, M-21, and Frankenstein, so he's not someone to take for granted. As he progressed to his hacking skills, he was easily able to extract any information he ever wanted on the show, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters when it comes to brains.


First things first, DAMN THE BRAIN OF HIS! Tao is a genius. And besides being a genius, we saw that he couldn't be controlled by any kind of mind control. Once he takes the "D", his physical and mental abilities will be further enhanced.

7. Mount – The Childish Werewolf

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (7)

It seems like the Noblesse series has a lot of werewolves. Well, Mount is another badass under the command of Lord Maduke. When you look at this strange blue, tall, muscular guy, there's only one thing to say. "RUN!!!" Well, Mount has been introducedchapter 365,and its original purpose was to invade Lukedonia.

Despite being overpowered by Raizel, Mount is no joke. Those white pants are for joke purposes only as Mount is one of the strongest Noblesse characters you might come across. Despite being super intelligent, his personality is more like that of a child. So whenever he thinks there's going to be a fight, Mount just jumps into the fight without even thinking.


As a werewolf, he already has so much power. However, Mount can shapeshift into an even larger body, giving him an overall look more akin to a wolf. Sounds pretty crazy right?

6. Krano - The fastest werewolf

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (8)

Krano is another werewolf who blew everyone away. This guy was head to head with Frankenstein and Rael. And we talk about how he fought with them on an equal footing. But unlike other werewolves, he has some interesting powers.

I mean sure, by now you must have some idea of ​​how these werewolf species transform and get stronger. However, this guy was neck and neck with Rael, known as the fastest clan leader of all time. Although he wasn't as quick as Rael Kertia, we could see some serious action from him.

Additionally, after entering his evolved form, he was also able to surpass Rael's speed. Can you belive that?


Leveling up to the point where you can overwhelm a clan leader at their pinnacle is awesome. Krano is something else. In addition, he can also manipulate his aura, which allowed him to shoot a ray from his own mouth. Impressive, right? That's why Krano is one of the strongest Noblesse characters on our list.

5. Takeo - The caring modified human

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (9)

Takeo is another modified human who cares deeply about humans! This guy was enough to hold his own against Frankenstein, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters on our list. But what is it that excels at? Well, we're going to talk about his abilities in a moment.

As part of the DA-5, he was recruited by Dr. Aris threatens and manipulates by taking his little sister hostage. Well, the sister never existed either!


Speaking of his powers, Takeo is a badass. He excels at long-range attacks, making him the ideal sniper for any team. Also, this guy becomes unbeatable after taking D. We've seen many fights, and Takeo has never let us down!

4. M-21 - The always pissed off modified human

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (10)

When M-21 was first introduced, he was a badass right away. In another experiment by Dr. Crombel lost all of his previous memories to M-21. Most of the time we see M-21 trying to find his true self. However, if we talk about his strengths, this guy is no slouch. Though his experiment failed, M-21's true powers were awakened by Raizel, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters of all time. Just like Takeo and Tao, he is another member of RK made by Tao!

All girls love M-21 because of his handsome face and tall stature. But that doesn't mean he's everything for the show. Let's talk about the true powers of M-21.


The werewolf mod is one of his most powerful abilities. When his power was first awakened by Raizel, he knew he was something special. But there's a catch. The power is so overwhelming that he loses his mind. friends or foes? He doesn't remember. In addition, like many other werewolves, M-21 can also use aura manipulation.

3. Regis K. Landegre

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (11)

Regis is the clan leader of the Landegre clan in the webtoon series. If we compare it to anime, the story was still in its infancy. However, we had to see how powerful Regis was. This guy takes out two members of the DA-5 at once and is no joke. Regis is probably the most serious character in the series. When it comes to protecting people, Regis takes pride in his work as a noble.

Despite being constantly put in a difficult position throughout the series, Regis never lost hope. He didn't lose hope until the end of the anime series. This makes him not only physically but also mentally one of the strongest Noblesse characters.


Regasus is his soul weapon, and it is a large black spear, not long but thicker. Regis, who protects his teammates with this lance, is certainly one of the powerful. However, he can also use mind control and telepathy. This was also shown in the anime series.

2. Frankenstein - The noble torturer

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (12)

When we talk about Frankenstein, this guy leaves no stone unturned. In the past, Frankenstein was the main antagonist that made every noble suffer the pain. While some of the nobles were torturing people, Frankenstein conducted an experiment and gave himself the same powers. Using this overwhelming ability, he used to torture and kill nobles. But that's not even the whole story.

Well something happened and he started working for Raizel. As Raizel fell asleep, Frankenstein discovered the human world when he became a Nobel Prize winner himself. Frankenstein's story is certainly interesting. However, he is super overpowered, making him one of the strongest Noblesse characters to ever appear in the series.


Frankenstein's soul weapon, also known as Dark Spear, is very powerful. Through the materialization of his hands, Frankenstein's powers increase dramatically. Additionally, Aura's manipulation is another thing he excels at. Even greater thing, after making a pact with Raizel he was overpowered to infinite extent which certainly makes him a powerful one.

1. Cadis Etrama – Das Beste von Cadis Etrama

TOP 10+ Strongest Noblesse Characters [Ranking] (13)

Do I even have to start with Raizel? He is the true Noblesse and the most powerful Noblesse character of all time. Everyone's secret protector, this guy is the strongest Noblesse character ever. As the master of Frankenstein and OP character of the series, he has obliterated everyone at all times.

When he woke up after 820 years, Raizel was still finding his new norm in the technological world. Muzuka was his only friend who woke Raizel from his sleep. So let's talk about his skills.


Where to even begin! Raizel is everything. From aura manipulation to great physical abilities, telepathy to telekinesis, Raizel is overwhelmed. I can easily say that nobody could top Raziel on the series. Also, Raizel's soul power doesn't have a materialized form either. Blood Affinity is another ability that gives him an edge over every other character in the series.


In summary, Raizel has the power to solo anyone! This was the list of Top 11+ STRONGEST Noblesse Characters of All Time. I hope you enjoyed the list. We will update our list over time. STAY TUNED!


Who is the strongest clan in Noblesse? ›

Kei Ru (Kor. 케이 루) is a Noble and one of the eight current Clan Leaders of Lukedonia. He is the head of the Ru Clan. He is acknowledged as the strongest of the current clan leaders by both nobles and werewolves.

Is the Noblesse the strongest? ›

Noblesse (Kor. 노블레스) is the title given to the strongest member of the Noble race. The Noblesse is one of the two pillars of Noble society, equivalent in standing to the Lord.

Who is stronger Raizel or muzaka? ›

Raizel can be stronger than Muzaka, but the difference is not nearly so much like you guys are making look, it's probably not even great at all, which allows fight in equal grounds because his regeneration.

Who is stronger Noblesse or lord? ›

A Noble Lord's power is only complete when they are confident in their own position as Lord and in knowing that they reign over everything in the world. Although the Lord is certainly strong above all Nobles aside from the Noblesse, strength alone does not make him/her a Noble Lord.

Who can defeat Raizel in Noblesse? ›

Lagus easily destroys Raizel's Blood Field with a simple movement of his hand.

Who is the real villain in Noblesse? ›

Lagus Tradio (Kor. 라구스 트라디오) was a former Noble clan leader and one of the six traitor clan leaders of Lukedonia. He is the main antagonist of Season 7.

Who is the strongest werewolf in Noblesse? ›

Zaiga was a very powerful werewolf warrior, and one of the most powerful of the werewolves. He competed against Muzaka and Maduke over the title of Lord but lost. He was capable of easily matching the strongest noble clan leader, Kei Ru, in battle.

Is Raizel the strongest Noblesse? ›

The mysterious figure is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, THE NOBLESSE, the being with strength above all others, who wields it to protect the Nobles.

Who is the 5th elder Noblesse? ›

The 5th Elder, Lunark, is assigned by their Lord to lead a mission in secret from the other Union members. She is provided with Kentas and two other werewolves as teammates.

Who betrayed Raizel? ›

Urokai was the leader of the Agvain Clan and one of the traitor nobles who betrayed the current Lord and Raizel.

Does Raizel have a child? ›

The last scene was of Raizel stopping Muzaka from going on a rampage where it was revealed that Ashleen was his daughter.

What is Raizel soul weapon? ›

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, the True Noblesse, is the sole high-ranking noble official who does not possess a soul weapon. The Noblesse is so powerful that his own "noble blood and soul", are his power and in their fully released state, are considered to be his soul weapon.

Who is Noblesse best on? ›

Noblesse Oblige can be called as one of the best artifact sets in Genshin Impact. It is mainly used to empower the Elemental burst ability of any character. As for the list of characters who are best suited for this artifact are, Geo Traveler, Jean, Kaeya, Xingqiu and Lisa.

What race is Noblesse? ›

There are different races within the world of Noblesse, each with their own sets of features and abilities. The main three are the Vampires, or Nobles, the Warewolves, and the Humans.

Who is the first elder in Noblesse? ›

Elder Unnamed

Who married Raizel? ›

My name is Cadis Etrama Di Mei, Wife Of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. Its finally time we woke up after 820 years.

Who does Seira love in Noblesse? ›

Since the death of her family members, she has been under the care of Gejutel who has a high esteem in her sense of judgement. Ten years before coming to the human world, Rael proposed to Seira.

Can Raizel control blood? ›

Blood Affinity: Raizel has a natural and rare affinity to blood. With it comes certain abilities that can only be used by those who, govern over blood. The blood he creates and manipulates has certain properties, due to the fact is drawn from his life force and infused with his powerful aura.

How old is m 21? ›

M-21 (Michigan highway)
Existedc. July 1, 1919–present
Major junctions
West endM-37 in Grand Rapids
I-96 in Grand Rapids M-66 in Ionia US 127 near St. Johns M-52 in Owosso M-13 near Lennon I-75 / US 23 near Flint
14 more rows

Who is Raizel brother? ›

Gualtiero Nelo Raizel [Nelo for short] is the another Noblesse that the Nobles didn't know of . He is the brother of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel .

What is the real name of M 21? ›

The Zastava M21 is a series of 5.56×45mm NATO rifles developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms in Serbia.

Who is the female lead in Noblesse? ›

Seo Yuna (Kor.

Why is Frankenstein so strong Noblesse? ›

He is apparently a human with powers that matched the previous clan leaders and is stronger than the current ones. He obtained his powers through continuous experimentation on himself and nobles.

What are Raizel powers? ›

Powers: Superhuman Strength; Superhuman Durability; Superhuman Physical Characteristics; Resistance To Soul Attacks; Superhuman Stamina; Immortality; Enhanced Senses; Superhuman Regenerative Healing Factor; Flight; Superhuman Speed; Superhuman Reflexes; Superhuman Agility; Superhuman Senses; Energy Manipulation and ...

Who is Raizel's wife in Noblesse? ›

My name is Cadis Etrama Di Mei, Wife Of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. Its finally time we woke up after 820 years.

Who does Raizel marry in Noblesse? ›

They were called the "Noblesse." Much rather speaking, I am the wife of the noblesse. My name is Mei Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. I'm married to Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

Is Raizel a god? ›

He has since ascended and become the god of the Nobles and blood, and stepped forward to become the supreme god of the Nobles and blood. He is also known as the demon god of Nobles and also became the supreme demon god of Nobles. He has also become a Titled Celestial known as the Noble Celestial.

Who is M 21 Noblesse? ›

M-21 is a modified human. He was unwillingly experimented upon by Dr. Crombel and the Union, leaving him with no memories of his previous life. He was originally thought to be a failed experiment until his latent powers were awakened by Raizel.

How old is Tao from Noblesse? ›

Background. Tao is a 24 year old guy who possesses a genius-level intelligence in the technological fields, especially in programming and hacking.

Who is the red hair guy in Noblesse? ›

Shinwoo is an energetic and athletic teenager with bright red hair and blue eyes. He is almost always seen with a bandage over the bridge of his nose. He is fit and extremely attractive.

Who put Raizel to sleep? ›

Frankenstein compels his master to enter a temporary hibernation in order to stabilise. Raizel concurs and enters a short slumber in his casket.

Is Raskreia daughter of Raizel? ›

Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia (Kor. 에르가 케네시스 디 라스크레아) is the current Lord of the Noble. She is more well known by her title of Lord than her name. The only people who have called her by her name since she became the Lord are her father, Raizel and the children from Ye Ran High School.

Why is the Noblesse a traitor? ›

He betrayed him because he felt that Raizel gives humans more importance than the members of his own race. (As Noblesse, Raizel will execute his fellow nobles if they will harm humans).

Is Noblesse LGBT? ›

The one or two canonical bonds mentioned are strictly heterosexual, with the odd flirtations between characters being taken as an aesthetic rather than any indication of their sexual orientation. Noblesse is a lot of things, but a full-fledged BL isn't one of them.

Why does Raizel wait for ramen? ›

Rai believes ramen increases in size with time and likes to wait for it to grow before eating, which he has convinced Raskreia into believing.

Is Noblesse a vampire? ›

Vampire is a term humans came up with to describe mutants. It does not refer to the Noblesse race. Although this doesn't stop humans from calling them vampires.

Where did Raizel get his earrings? ›

In order to reinforce the enhancements designed to stop Raizel's powers from seeping out, Frankenstein gifted his master an earring similar to those crafted by the previous Lord.

How old is Frankenstein in Noblesse? ›

Thereafter, he searched for Raizel for 820 years. Plus, predecessors mentioned Frankenstein lived longer than normal humans; from which we can infer he probably lived well more 100 years. Frankenstein is a character that sometimes plays a more protagonist role than the main character.

What is Noblesse based on? ›

Noblesse is based on Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee 's manhwa and streams on Crunchyroll at 9:00 AM ET on Wednesdays.

Why is Noblesse so popular? ›

One of the main reasons Noblesse set itself apart from the competition, in its heyday, was their incredible character writing, and the comedic interactions between them, which in light of the recent nameless villains trend, has lead to a drastic decline in popularity.

Is Noblesse good for Mona? ›

If you're using Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and want to use Mona's burst to boost another character's damage, then four pieces of Noblesse Oblige would also work, since it grants a party-wide attack boost when you use a burst.

Is Noblesse good on Ayato? ›

There's always the choice of running the standard Noblesse Oblige set for 20% Elemental Burst damage and 20% team attack buff. This set is particularly useful if you wish to use Ayato as a sub DPS.

What is Noblesse full name? ›

The "Noblesse" Cadis Etrama di Raizel, also known as "Rai," is enrolled in Ye Ran High School by his servant Frankenstein to stay hidden from the sights of the Union, a mysterious organization out for Rai's blood.

Who is the 9th elder in Noblesse? ›

The 9th Elder (Kor. 9장로) was a high-ranking member of the Union with the title of Elder, and was one of the main antagonists of Season 6. Judging by his words, it seems he was the main scientist of the Union. He was killed in the battle against Frankenstein, being consumed by Dark Spear.

What is the lifespan of Noblesse? ›

Shelf life: 4 years in original sealed packaging.

Are there werewolves in Noblesse? ›

Werewolves are one of the existing species on the planet. Back in the ancient past, they maintained the balance of power with Nobles. However, they were comparatively weaker than nobles. After the decline of nobles in power, the werewolves became the strongest species on the planet under the lead of Maduke.

Is rai the strongest in Noblesse? ›

This is opposite to frankenstien power although Rai is the strongest character but i feel bad for his health every time he use his power his life forced getting sucked and he can't be last long in the future fight. I hope frankenstein can do something about his master life force.

Who are the clan leaders in Noblesse? ›

Urokai Agvain, Roctis Kravei, Zarga Siriana, Lagus Tradio, Gradeus, and Edian Drosia are six clan leaders who have chosen to betray Lukedonia for personal reasons and went to pursue their own desires.

How powerful is Frankenstein in Noblesse? ›

Frankenstein is the most powerful human to ever exist and is Raizel's devoted servant. He made a contract with the Noblesse in the past and avoids the noble leaders but supports Raizel wholeheartedly, addressing Raizel as his "Master".

Does Raizel have a soul weapon? ›

Even though Raizel cannot use the Soul Weapon, the previous Lord was adamant about leaving his Soul Weapon to Raizel - even if as decoration. In his encounter with the current Lord, Raizel gives his Ragnarok to her but she questions the gesture of Raizel since her father has left this Ragnarok to him, not her.


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